Cape Cod 2019


October 11-18, 2019
(Friday arrival and departure)

Write in a beach house under the watchful eye of an iconic lighthouse: the famous Nauset Light above the shores of Cape Cod National Seashore in Eastham, Massachusetts, “the Great Beach of Cape Cod” according to writer Henry Boston. (More on him below.)

The weeklong retreat runs Friday, October 11 – Friday, October 18, 2019.
Check-in at 5 pm, checkout at 9 am.


This charming, comfortable beach house is 1/10th of a mile from an ocean beach — just over the grassy dunes. At night, see the lighthouse beacon flash red and white as it sweeps past the windows of the living room.

As October is the shoulder season, you’ll lose yourself amidst the wild beauty of the Cape and avoid the tourists who crowd the beach in summer.

“The Great Beach of Cape Cod”

This stretch of the Cape Cod coastline has special significance for writers — it’s the basis of the book The Outermost House by naturalist Henry Beston. On assignment for a magazine, Beston came to the area, fell in love with the landscape, and built himself a windswept cottage high in the dunes.

From Wikipedia:

Beston intended to use the cottage as a retreat to visit whenever he could, but soon found he did not want to leave. “[A]s the year lengthened into autumn, the beauty and mystery of this earth and outer sea so possessed and held me that I could not go,” he wrote in The Outermost House.[1]
For the next couple of years, Beston would come and go from his dune refuge, keeping extensive notes on his observations of life on the beach. His meditation on surf (“The Headlong Wave”), experiences on the winter beach, and his view of life after his beach stay were molded together into one “Year of Life on the Great Beach of Cape Cod.”

All-Inclusive: All You’ll Do is Write

Unlike Beston who had to fend for himself, your all-inclusive weeklong writing retreat lets you write without distraction. You’ll have your own private room, meals that meet your dietary needs, and writing guidance (if you wish to share your work with me at the end of the day for feedback and suggestions).

From the red dot at Nauset Light, South House is at eight o’clock.

Staying at South House

We’ll be staying in South House , a quaint and traditional Cape Cod home. (The property also contains North House, another rental home which may or may not be occupied during our stay. The two houses are distant enough to ensure privacy.)

South House has three private rooms with queen-sized beds, and one twin or bottom level bunk bed if you don’t mind sharing for a reduced price. All rooms have shared bath. At most you’ll be on retreat with three other writers, at the least just two. The house does not have wifi, but wifi is available at the Eastham Library three miles away.

From the house it’s just a 2-minute walk down a sandy lane to the ocean beach where you can watch the sun rise.

To learn more about the retreat and reserve your place, click on the links to South House here or above.

Nauset Light Beach is a two-minute walk from South House..

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